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Old land record – How to see online in whose name is the land? [email protected] 2022

Old Land Record – How To View Online Land History & Land Survey Number Map Read Below Details.

The objective of the AnyROR Gujarat Portal

AnyROR Anywhere portal is used to digitize all land records in Gujarat. The objective of this portal is to help citizens of Gujarat to get land information like details of the land owner, area and type of land, etc. The AnyROR Gujarat website also aims to maintain transparency and protect the rights of landowners. AnyROR Gujarat portal helps users not only to access land records online but also to update crop loan details or subsidies or get an electrical connection when required.
Get land survey application ( Old land record ) land survey number maps and land survey pdf to view land records online at home. | Online Land Survey | There is no need to rush to the office for a land survey application (Jamin mapani online). The Gujarat government has launched a portal called IORA Online Jamin Mapani through which land records of Gujarat can be easily accessed. With the help of this portal, you can check your land information in just a few seconds.

Benefits of Gujarat AnyROR

AnyROR Gujarat is a useful website to verify and search key land records digitally. It has the following advantages.
  • Protects land ownership rights

  • To view old land records online. 
  • Bank loans are easily approved

  • In case of land disputes and litigations, AnyROR Gujarat land record acts as an important document to determine ownership.

  • It is an important document while selling land and it helps the buyer to cross-check and verify the details of the land.

  • The app is free and takes less time to check any ROR Gujarat records

  • AnyROR Gujarat portal provides a government-verified form to maintain and update land records online. Types of land records are-

  • VF 6 (Village Form 6) – Day-to-day changes in land records are maintained by Village Accountant or obtained through Talati VF 6.

  • VF 7 (Village Form 7) – It is also known as 7 12 Uttara or Sat Bara Uttara or AnyRoR Gujarat 7 12 online. Derived from survey number VF 7.

  • VF 8A (Village Form 8A) – It provides sour details

  • 135 D – It is a notice of the change. When a person applies for mutation, the Village Accountant issues 135D.

Old land record

Official copies of important record village form no.6, 7/12, 8-A for land are available from Taluka E-Dhara Centers / E-Village Level, any person can now get a digitally signed copy online and this A copy shall be deemed authorized for use.

For this, the copy fee to be reimbursed will also have to be paid online. A digitally signed copy can be obtained from AnyRoR or i-ORA portal. A QR code will be available on this copy so that anyone can verify its authenticity online.

Know in whose name was the land years ago? To see whose name the land is and the land survey number by following the steps below. 



Who is named in Varasdar? 

Know the old land record

Today we are going to give you complete information about how to view your old land records online.

With a revolutionary decision taken by the Revenue Department, you can now view all information online. Village Form No. 6 has also been made online. Apart from that, you can view other records on your mobile and computer.

Process for viewing old land records

Step 1

You have to go to the computer or mobile browser and type anyror in Google. And if you search this much, you will find the website https://anyror.gujarat.gov.in/LandRecordRural.aspx . You can also open the website by directly typing its URL.

Let us tell that ROR stands for Record Of Rights . Your rights sheet is called a Record of Rights.


Old land record

Step 2

If you click on it, its website will open. Here you will get different following options,

  • RURAL option for rural areas,
  • Urban for urban area 
  • Details of cases relating to land records
  • A property search option will be available for property details.

Let us tell you that you can view the website in Gujarati using a computer or mobile. If you don’t have Gujarati font on your computer, you will get the option to download it, so that you can use the website in the Gujarati language.

Step 3

If you live in a rural area then click on the option shown in the photo below

Old land records - How to view land history online
This option for rural areas

Rural Land Records

Farmers in rural areas will have to visit the official website of the revenue department to view their land records. Following is the information about which land records of rural areas can be viewed online. Old land record

    ● e-CHAVDI

    ● OLD Scanned VF-7/12 details

    ● OLD Scanned VF-6 Entry Details

    ● VF-7 Survey No Details

    ● VF-8A Khata Details

    ● VF-6 Entry Detail (Details of Right Form No.6)

    135-D Notice for Mutation

    ● New Survey No From Old For Promulgated Village

  • Entry List By Month Year
  • Integrated Survey No Detail
  • Revenue Case Details
  • Know Khata By Owner Name
  • Know Survey No Detail By UPIN

If you live in an urban area, click on the option shown in the photo below.

જમીનનો જૂનો રેકોર્ડ - આ રીતે ઓનલાઈ જોવો જમીન નો ઇતિહાસ
શહેરી વિસ્તાર માટે

Step 4

If you want to see the old records of your farm, you click on the city or rural area option. By clicking on it, you will get different options. You can select the option as per your requirement.

At most, we need an old record of 7/12. Then you click on the option with details of old scanned Ga.No.7/12 from there. Here below you will be asked to select a district, taluk, village, and survey number. You have to select your details in it.

After selecting it, a code (captcha code) will appear below, which you have to write in the box below it.

Step 5

 After entering the captcha code, click on Get Old land record details. The following will be seen.


જમીનનો જૂનો રેકોર્ડ - આ રીતે ઓનલાઈ જોવો જમીન નો ઇતિહાસ


Step 6

After that, you have to click on view pdf to see the details of your survey number. So its PDF will be loaded and opened. There you can see the scanned copy of the old 7/12 survey number of your land.

What other information can you find on the website?

  • OLD SCANNED VF-6 ENTRY DETAILS (જૂના સ્કેન કરેલ હક પત્રક ગા.ન.૬ ની વિગતો),
  • VF-7 SURVEY NO DETAILS (ગા.ન.૭ ની વિગતો),
  • VF-8A KHATA DETAILS (ગા.ન.૮અ ની વિગતો),
  • VF-6 ENTRY DETAILS (હક પત્રક ગા.ન.૬ ની વિગતો),
  • 135-D NOTICE FOR MUTATION (હક પત્રક ફેરફાર ૧૩૫ ડી નોટીસ),
  • NEW SURVEY NO FROM OLD FOR PROMULGATED VILLAGE (પ્રમોલગેશન પુર્ણ થયેલ ગામ માટે જુના સરવે નંબર પરથી નવો સરવે નંબર),
  • INTEGRATED SURVEY NO DETAILS (સરવે નંબરને લગતી સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી,
  • REVENUE CASE DETAILS (જમીન રેકર્ડ ને લગતા કેસની વિગત) વગેરે માહિતી મેળવી શકો છો.


તમારા આધાર કાર્ડ નો દુરુપયોગ તો નથી થઈ રહ્યો ને , જાણો એકજ ક્લીક માં અહીંયા ક્લીક કરો

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